Best 5 useful android apps

We use our mobile phones for a variety of purposes. We play music, play games, and connect with others via social networks. Devices can also be used to make our world simpler. Fortunately, there is a slew of applications that can help. Why not use it to enhance the user experience? You have it with you always. The resources mentioned below are designed to make your life easier in a multitude of situations. This is a difficult list to break into for a new product, so it could be a while before any new applications are added. Here are the most important Android applications!

  1. CamScanner

It is, without a doubt, the best smartphone doc scanner software. You can scan docs into your mobile and transform them into Pdf file format using the application. You could then submit the documents via email, save them to your laptop, or indeed fax it for a small fee. This is among the few applications on the Play Store that will do anything, and it’s by far the best. It appears to check all of the items you’d look for in an application like this. Most of the functions are free to use, but if you plan on using them often, you could pay for a membership. In any case, this is most likely the best app in its class. It’s particularly useful for businessmen as well as during tax time.

  1. IFTTT

It is without a doubt among the most useful apps ever made. It’s a program that generates instructions to perform a series of simple tasks on its own. The overwhelming number of programs, goods, and other applications that IFTTT integrates is one of the app’s best features. You could use this to monitor your smart switches in your house, save photos from Instagram and upload them to Dropbox, and even use Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. It’s easy to understand and can help you automate a lot of your phone’s otherwise tedious tasks. The list of features available in this app is ridiculously long. Trust us when we say it’s extremely useful. And, it’s completely open!

  1. Google Assistant / Google Search

It is without a doubt one of the greatest apps ever made. Google Assistant and Google Feed are the two most important features. Google Assistant can answer almost any request, set reminders, switch on and off smart switches, and even find songs and videos for everyone. Google Feed is, indeed, a feed that contains a lot of information, such as weather, entertainment, and news. It gradually compiles new content based on your previous searches and preferences. You could also customize it to your personal preferences. The mix of both, combined with Google Search in one app, is a good combo that few other programmers can match. Google Assistant, Google Search, and Google Feed are all housed in this app. They’re all valuable.

  1. Google Drive suite

The most common productivity apps on Android are Google Drive and its suite of applications. Google Drive, Google Keep, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Photos are all part of the package. Between these applications, you get a filled office suite, equipped with a note-taking app, cloud storage, and a free video and photo backup service. Google Drive provides 15GB of free space. You may expand the cloud storage space with a monthly membership. The entire kit is some of the most potential applications we’ve encountered.

  1. Google Maps and Waze

It practically dominates the navigation app market, and it’s still one of the apps For android ever. It receives regular, almost weekly reports added to its already expansive array of benefits. But apart from the essentials, Google Maps provides links to points of interest, traffic info, direction to locations like bus stations and convenience stores, and it now allows you to download maps to your phone. You won’t need another map app until you put in the Waze interface, which comes with a slew of its functions. It also owns and runs Waze, which is different and enjoyable in ways that Google Maps isn’t, and we highly suggest it

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